Muay Thai Musings

During my last thai massage, I told my masseuse that I practice Muay Thai. Her response surprised me: "Why?!? I’m Thai”, she said while digging her elbows into my back with the strength of a man ten times her size, “but I don’t do Thai boxing… It’s too strong”.

My family also doesn’t get why I train… and especially why I spar. After my first back eye, my mother begged me to stop. And every time I come home with a new bruise, my husband sighs in disapproval: “You’re not going to be a fighter. You’re just going to get hurt. So why bother?”.

And maybe they're right. Even though I train almost every day, being great would take much more time than I have… or am willing to give.

So recently I’ve been wondering why I “bother”. What is it about Muay Thai—and sparring—that draws me in, week after week?

Here’s what I’ve come up with…

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